Smoky Hawk Mine – 2022

Saturday, July 9, Smoky Hawk Mine

Limit of 30 Participants


Lake George

Target Specimens:

Smoky quartz, amazonite

Trip Leader

Jim Hooten

Owner Joe Dorris has again invited us to try our luck at collecting some of the beautiful amazonite and smoky quartz specimens that are famous from this area. Of course, no guarantees of finding any minerals, but always a guaranteed good time!

Meeting Location

Drive into Lake George, CO on Hwy 24 (approximately 35 miles west of Colorado Springs). As you come into the east side of town you’ll see a paved road going off to the right (north), Park County Road 94. Turn right onto County Road 94 and park along the side of the road, near the Ranger Station, just a short distance off of the highway. Give yourself plenty of time to get there, as it is a good 2 hour drive from Denver. From there, the group will caravan to the collection site.

Meeting Time

9:00 AM

Bring water, a lunch, and plenty of sunscreen. Also bring some cash, credit card, or checkbook, as Joe typically has some very nice, representative specimens for sale, at deeply discounted prices. This helps him make up for his costs in making his claim available to our club, and other clubs as well. From the Meeting Place, we will caravan 15 minutes to the Claim. Most vehicle parking at the Claim will be at the base of a steep, rough road, and people will then walk up the road to the Claim site for an introductory talk from Joe. A few vehicles will be allowed to drive up the hill (parking is very limited up top), and take people who have walking difficulty. For those who do drive up the hill, they ask that you be watchful of Joe’s dog, Otis, who likes to run around.

Dist = 100 mi. 4WD = Recommended Kids = Supervised Tools = D, H Fee = None

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