Purple Dragon Claim (aka Red Feather Lakes) 2022

Saturday, August 27, Purple Dragon Claim (aka Red Feather Lakes)

No participation limit


north of Ft. Collins

Target Specimens:

Quartz varieties: clear, iron-stained, purple amethyst

Trip Leader

Jim Hooten

Thanks again to owners, Mandi and William Hutchinson for allowing us to collect on their claim. According to Mandi, there is a possibility that they may be selling their claim sometime this summer. If this happens, the new owners may have different thoughts on what they want to do with their claim. I will stay in touch with the current owners to see what happens, and how it may affect the collecting trip for our club. Information regarding this will be sent to the LGMC membership.

Meeting Location

Liveremore, CO (approximately 24 miles North of Ft. Collins) at the intersection of Hwy 287 and County Road 74E (Red Feather Lakes Rd)

After collecting all Waiver Forms, the cars will then caravan from there to the collection site, approximately another 28 miles west. The Claim owners have reserved the option to evaluate any amethyst specimen found on their claim, and can retain the crystal if it is of exceptional value.
Tip: Construction is still in progress on Owl Canyon Road (CR 70), between I-25 and State Hwy 287. This has been a convenient “short-cut” in the past, but until construction is completed, it is necessary to travel through Ft. Collins to access Hwy. 287, then drive north to Livermore where we will meet.

Meeting Time

9:00 AM

Trip leader will lead caravan to collecting locality.

Dist = 125 mi. 4WD = Optional Kids = Supervised Tools = D, H Fee = None

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