This is the list of the LGMC 2021 field trips. Due to the continuing presence of the Covid-19 virus, please continue to exercise good judgement and be respectful of others. Please bring/wear a face mask for the times when it is appropriate (in the vicinity of other people). There will be other times when you will not need to wear your mask (when digging by yourself, away from other people). Some mask rules have been relaxed, especially for those who have been through the complete vaccination process. Again, use good judgement and respect others.

For all field trips, bring a backpack with rain gear, gloves, tools, water, lunch, and sunscreen. Some people bring a 5-gallon bucket for equipment and to use as a stool to sit on (and to carry specimen back to vehicle). Appropriate field boots are strongly suggested. Do not recommend tennis shoes. Wear a good sun-protecting hat.

If any trip has limitations on the number of participants, this will be designated. Registration for all trips will be done On-Line, trough the Google Form attached to this notice. Registration will be on a “first come, first served” basis, and the running total of members enrolled for each trip will be listed as people sign up. Names will continue to be added to the list, even past the cut-off limit, in the event that someone who is initially signed up has to cancel. If this occurs, the person next in line will be offered that position on the trip.

We ask that each person/family travel in their own vehicle. No carpooling, please. Also, since the number of people on some trips may be limited, we ask that only LGMC Members attend the trips—no non-member guests, unless individually approved.

Many of the Club members have been on one or more of these trips, and hopefully are familiar with how to get to the respective Meeting Places. If you enroll in any particular trip, and are not familiar with where to go, please email Jim Hooten (jahooten@msn.com) and request a copy of a map showing directions.

Field Trip Participation Agreement and Liability Release


Western Mining Museum May 22 (Sat) near Co. Springs
Devils Head May 29 (Sat) in Douglas County


Smoky Hawk Mine June 12 (Fri) near Lake George
Topaz Mtn Mine June 26 (Sat) near Lake George


Hartsel Barite July 10 (Sat) near Hartsel
Queen Bee/Honey Bee uly 17 (Sat) near Harris Park
Montana Collecting areas (Crystal Peak, etc.) July 23-26 (Fri-Mon) Montana
Magnetite Ridge July 31 (Sat) near Tarryall


Teller County Tourmaline August 21 (Sat) near Cripple Creek


Purple Dragon Claim (aka Red Feather Lakes) September 11 (Sat) north of Ft. Collins


Queen Bee/Honey Bee October 9 (Sat) near Harris Park

Field Trip Rules and Decorum