General Rules

The field trip chairperson will make sure that each field trip has a designated responsible leader who will assure compliance with all field trip rules and safe practices, and who is familiar with the location, ownership and hazards of the field trip site.
Each person participating in a field trip will agree to abide by the AFMS Code of Ethics and the Littleton Gem and Mineral Club’s Field Trip Rules and Decorum.
Note: Only paid members and their approved guests may participate in club sponsored field trips.
Guests, other than family members, will not be able to attend exchange field trips and trips to private claims. When proof of insurance is required for field trips, only current members are permitted to attend.
Guests must be okayed by the field trip leader prior to the departure of the trip.
Since guests are not covered by the Littleton Gem and Mineral Club’s insurance policy, it is recommended that those wishing to attend more than one field trip become a paid member of the Littleton Gem and Mineral Club.
All members planning to attend a particular field trip must sign-up for the trip prior to the scheduled date of departure, preferably 48 hours.
This will let the leader know who is definitely planning to attend, and it will let you know if any changes have been made concerning the trip.
Be prompt in meeting at the designated departure point. Most field trip leaders will wait no more than ten minutes and your tardiness may result in your missing the field trip altogether.
All people attending a field trip MUST UNDERSTAND AND SIGN the liability release form prior to the actual start of the trip.
Special restrictions may be made for some field trips due to special hazards, collecting or weather conditions, etc.
Firearms, dynamite, etc., will not be allowed on any field trip. Power equipment is not allowed.
Children are usually welcomed on field trips; however, they are the responsibility of their parents or an accompanying adult at ALL TIMES while on the trip.
Pets are also usually welcomed as long as they are kept under control.
If you must leave a field trip early, please inform someone, preferably the leader, of your early departure. The same holds true if you decide to explore the area. The BUDDY system is strongly encouraged on all field trips.
First aid items should be carried by all members as part of their equipment.
The field trip area should be left in as good or better condition when we leave as when we arrived.
REMEMBER! When a newly worked area is left unoccupied, but tools are in or near the hole, this is off-limits to all but the owner of the tools!
Club Claim Rules (in addition to the rules mentioned above)
All club members MUST carry their current membership cards while on the club claim.
Visitors are permitted on the club claim provided that they are accompanied by a current club member and permission has been obtained from a club officer.
Members must not trespass on adjoining claims.
A record of hours worked on the claim must be reported to the designated club officer.
No collecting may be done for commercial purposes.