Update to Field Trip Plan resulting from COVID-19

(Updated 5-7-2020)
Although everyone is anxious to get out in the field to hunt for minerals, at the present time it is recommended that we all follow the CDPHE (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment) Guidelines that are currently in place, relative to the COVID-19 situation, namely:

  • No travel for recreational purposes more than 10 miles from your place of residence
  • No public gatherings of groups exceeding 10 people

When these distance and group-size restrictions are lifted, the Littleton Gem and Mineral Club will have in place a list of Field Trips in which Club Members can participate. These will be trips to some of our popular Club collecting areas, typically within 1-3 hours from Denver. If there are still some limitations on group size, the rule of “first come first served” will apply. Once the trip is announced (via email), the names of responders will be listed in the order of response. Any names listed, beyond the acceptable number of participants, will be maintained on the list in their respective order of response, and added to the trip in the event of any cancellations. The trips will be announced one at a time, and each trip will have a designated Trip Leader who will have Waiver Forms for people to sign, and instructions for people to follow.

This protocol will be followed according to the guidelines in place for local counties, as well as for the State of Colorado. If any county has guidelines that restrict any non-essential visitors to their county, then those rules will take precedence over any State rules. Hopefully, County and State rules will coincide. We’ll see.

Again, this system is being put in place for when the current limitations are relaxed or removed. As to when this will occur is anybody’s guess, but I know it will occur. In the meantime, please continue to be patient and understanding. I, along with all of you, look forward to when things resume to some degree of normalcy. It may be a ‘new normal’, but it’s bound to be better than what’s currently going on.
Jim Hooten, Field Trip Chairman

Field Trip Rules and Decorum